Affiliate Marketing Amazon – I Earned 1 Lakh Plus? Secret Revealed!

How did we earn more than 1 lakh Indian rupees by using Amazon Associate only Read this article to be profesional in Amazon affiliate Marketing.

As we know that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce website in the world where millions of orders come daily from all over the world and amazon launched its Affiliate program in 1996. And as the technology progressed, the same people also got advanced and website owners and bloggers have been able to successfully earn money from it for more than a decade.

You can easily earn 10% referral fee commissions from Affiliate Marketing Amazon or Affiliate program if you are the owner of a website only by selling the product then you can earn money from Affiliate ads from Amazon. When you buy visitor items through those ads, you get commission.

Moreover, Affiliate Marketing Amazon also gives us many opportunities and tools so that we can easily sell Amazon’s products. Next we’ll go into this in detail, an explanation website administrators lean toward the Amazon Associates framework over other member organizations. We will examine them in the following areas.

How to be a part of Amazon Affiliate Program?

Friends, if you want to earn money by joining Affiliate Marketing Amazon, then follow the further process carefully.

There are 2 main eligibility criteria entered in the system:-

1 – First of all, you should have a website or a popular app which has a good user base and you are the owner of that app.
2 – You have to implement your website and mobile app in that app.

Yeah it’s all about it. You only need to be owner of that such website or application. The application interaction is exceptionally natural. Ensure you fill every one of the prerequisites as precisely as could be expected.

Affiliate Marketing Amazon

How do I get paid through the Affiliate Program?

Different affiliate programmes support different payment methods for their affiliates. However, practically all programmes accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal. There are various terms in the Affiliate programme that are used to determine how much commission is paid to affiliates, such as

1) CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions): This is the amount paid by the merchant (i.e., the product’s owner) to the affiliate (i.e., the person who promotes the product) on the advertisement of such products posted on his blog’s page. If 1000 views are received, the retailer pays the affiliate a commission based on that number.

2) CPS (Cost Per Sale): The affiliate receives this amount when a visitor to his blog purchases the products. Every purchase earns the affiliate a commission based on the number of individuals who will buy the products.

3) CPC (cost per click): Every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement, text, or banner on the affiliate’s blog, he receives a commission.

Is it possible to combine Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense?

Yes, you can earn more money and in less time with affiliate marketing than you can with Google Adsense. It also does not violate Google Adsense’s terms of service because it is fully legal. Both can be used in your blog with ease. Because we don’t have to work as hard to get approved for Google Adsense as we do for affiliate marketing, most bloggers prefer to make money through affiliate marketing. The more products you sell through your blog, the more money you’ll earn.

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