How To Export WordPress Site? |Fully Explained!!

How To Export WordPress Site : Do you what’s to know “How To Export WordPress” because if you wants to backup your website content data or you what’s to move your WordPress hosting site to anyother hosting provider then you need to familiar with “WordPress Export” that help you to backup you website data.

So today in this article I’ll tell you that “How To Export WordPress website” it’s quite easy to use wordpress export feature and you can backup your website content and pages in just some clicks.

If you wants to export your WordPress site and again important it on other wordpress site then you’ll today know in this post that “How to import WordPress site”.

Let’s begin without any delay to our topic that “How To Export WordPress Blog” steps by step.

How To Export WordPress? – Steps by Steps

So now we’re going to see how to export wordpress site by the simple steps but before going to see here i want’s to make sure you that you can only Export WordPress site only some things like post, page, category, navigation menu only you can’t export WordPress theme database and plugins.

If you wants to backup you whole data of you site such as (content, page,all plugins and theme) then you can find alot of tools are there on internet that’ll help you to export you full wordpress website easily.

I’ll tell you only here “How To Export WordPress Site”

For Exporting you wordpress website you need to login your WordPress Dashboard first then under Tool > Expert go in then you’ll see some interface as shown in image down below.

image here

As soon as you choose All Option you’re eligible for backup your “Post, Pages, Comments, Custom Fields, Terms, Navigation Menus and Custom Posts ” and can import later.

After all click download button that is below just After all options then you’ll see there in .xml file is downloading in your computer. After downloading it if you want to save it as a backup of your website then you can save in in your computer so that if you loss your website anyhow then you can restore in again. And if you wants to import it to your another WordPress website the. I’ll recommend you to follow below steps carefully.

How to Import WordPress site from Backup – WordPress Importer

After Backup you old wordpress website then you have definitely got a file name .xml that you will need later to import your WordPress data for this you’ll need to login to you WordPress Dashboard in which you wants to import that .xml file. After login Tool > Import go in.


After this, go to the bottom and click on Run importer under WordPress.


Now you’ll see same interface in you wordpress that show in above image then there you need to choose your WordPress backup .xml file and click on Upload file and Import.


Now Author Details Add yourself and Check Mark the Download and import file attachments Option. And then finally click on the SUBMIT.

This Process may take a little longer to happen as it depends on the Total Size and Total Content of your .xml file. So wait a little here and you’ll be WordPress Content import in a short time.

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