How to Install Google Site Kit – Google Site Kit WordPress Tutorial

How To Install Google Site Kit :- If you are a blogger and you prefer always to use self hosting for WordPress Website, So guys I’m sure that this article’ll help you alot and make your WordPress experience journey more easier. Because today in this article I’ll tell you a very important plugin “Google Site Kit” that is mostly use by all WordPress Blogger.

If you have been into WordPress for a long time then you might be familiar with the plugin capabilities how it can make you work easier and you may also know that Google never released its official plugin but now beta testing Not long after, Google released the “Google Site Kit Plugin”. In WordPress official store from where WordPress user can easily install it.

Google WordPress Plugins : For every wordpress blogger user it’s a important toolkit that help them alot, so I’ll tell you how to use through this article.

Google Site Kit Overview

Google site kit is developed by google for especially wordpress blogger. What is plugin do? – It helps to easily connect various Google services like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Tag Manager, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Optimize.

Earlier what we have to do that for connecting this site we use to go to every site one by one and connect it that was to complicated, Now with the help of “Google Site Kit” we can easily connect to this Earlier what we had to do is to connect this site we go to each site one by one and connect it to complex, now with the help of “google site kit” we can easily connect to this service at a time Huh. Go to this service one by one. in one time despite of going to this service one by one.

This is free tool that launched by google to make your blogging experience easy. And it not paid like other google plugin. All features you’ll get in google site kit will definitely free to use.

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Benefits of “Google Site Kit”

Google site kit can divide in four different benefits by it’s services.

Google Search Console

  • One you connected your WordPress website through “Google site kit” plugin in Google Search Console then you can definitely see your website performance in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • From which keywords your website getting traffic can be defined easily.
  • Your most popular post can also pick out and make you know by Google Site Kit.
  • And also can see how kuch visitors are in your site daily.
  • Can easily see view of every post in WordPress Dashboard.

Google Analytics

  • It help to track every single visitors of your website.
  • And can be also filter whether traffic coming form organic, direct or referral.
  • Also we can check all time visitors and New user in WordPress Dashboard itself.
  • And also balance blog bounce rate and every post bounce rate.
  • Can we see seperately Total page view & Also Unique page views.

Google Adsense

  • If you are using google adsense in your blog then you can also track all its earning report in your wordpress website.
  • Can we see page views post impressions and more in your WordPress dashboard.
  • And it can also give you the exact and exact earning of the same post, which this post has earned.

PageSpeed Insights

  • By this tool we can check our website speed “how fast your website is to operate”.
  • You can see mobile and desktop site speed in your WordPress Dashboard.

Google Site Kit Installation Guide – How to Install?

If you wants to Install Google Site Kit plugin in your WordPress website the follow steps given below.

  1. Installing this plugin in WordPress need to go Plugin > Add New
  2. After it search for Google site kits in Plugin search bar.
  3. After that Click on Install > Active.

After active Google Site Kit Plugin you’ll redirect to it’s dashboard from where you have to do all.

Hope you guys like this article “How to Install Google Site Kit” if you let me know in comment box down below.

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