How To Make Money Using Canva – Freelance Tutorial

How To Make Money Using Canva : Hello guys today in this article we’ll learn how we can earn money through our graphics designing skills yeah you can make money by graphics designing that will done by selling our creativity there are alot of people who what to make there logo aur any bussiness related poster so we graphics designer create there poster or logo and they pay us for that work.

You can’t earn money from canva platform but for earning money there is alot of opportunities are there you need to only search them. If you want to sell your graphic design which you created in canva app you need to reach to that people for that you to to advertise your self for reaching to your targeted audience.

A simple way and offer that Canva give to it’s user to earn that is “Affiliate Marketing through Canva“🤟

1. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva Affiliate Program : It’s offer you to earn money by referring, there is a subscription plan in Canva if that person purchase that plan through your link the. Canva will pay you 36 $ for per reffer subscription.

So in this way you can earn with Canva Pro Application.

Remember that you won’t get money just to invite. The person you invite will first have to buy the Canvas Pro subscription, then you’ll get canvas money.

2. Fiverr

How To Make Money Online With Fiverr : If you can’t to earn with canva through fiverr then you definitely go ahead and create a selling account in fiverr website and create a beautiful gig about your services that you provide with your charge amount. By this process you can earn money through your skills by only just creating graphics like creating thumbnail and album, poster and business card and mny more.

3. Social Media

How to Make Money through Social Media? You have to find audience for yourself that you drive your promotion link to them and you’ll make easy money. And note it’s all depend upon your work like you’ll work for graphic designer them try to find only people who is interested in Graphic Design.

For finding this kinds of people who is interested in your particular work you need to activate on social media so that you can find them easily. And after finding them make a group and add them and explain about your work and if they interested they definitely give you opportunity to work on there project.

For this, you need to call them to fiber or a secure platform that can help you give them projects by working.

He doesn’t give you money so you have to call him on a platform that doesn’t have any fraud on you

4. YouTube

By going to YouTube, you have to find video creators who have a lot of subscribers and make good contacts, but they make good desires for their contacts.

So you have to comment them and tell them that I can make a better thumbnail than the thumbnail on your video.

This will cause more clicks on your videos and more people will be attractive and you will be able to make more money.

I hope you like my article “How To Make Money Using Canva – Freelance Tutorial” if so please let me know in comment box 🤟


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